pot glow highlight View Larger Air Cone Pot Cutaway

Aircone Pots®

Clearly the right choice for great roots!


As all seasoned growers know, great roots make for great plants! Rand's Aircone Pots® are engineered to provide plants with vastly improved drainage and increased air circulation in comparison to traditional pots. These pots are the perfect choice for growers of Epiphytes such as Orchids & Bromeliads, as well as any plant which would benefit from their superior drainage and aeration.

  • Aircone Pots grow great roots! Translucency allows a clear view of
    the current moisture level and root activity!
    As can be seen here, these roots are nicely moist.
  • With Aircone Pots, the results are clear. With a Rand's Aircone Pot®, the results are visibly clear.
    These roots are approaching the dry state that most epiphytes prefer between waterings.
  • This cutaway view shows the all-important central Air Cone and sloped bottom.This cutaway view shows the all-important central  
    Air Cone and the sloped bottom that ensures  
    excess water will drain away.  

Growers' Talk:

1)"Aircone pots have made a big difference in growing orchids for us. This is particularly true for terrestrial orchids such as Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium. The pots hold water well while providing air to the core of the pot which helps prevent root rot. They are also built with quality; the pots are sturdy and can be re-used many times over. Highly recommended!" J. Fischer ~ Orchids Ltd.

2)" I just repotted close to 30 orchids... I used nothing but Rand's Aircone Pots. Easy to use and healthy for the plant. They take very little space since they are square and fit close together.  I have used these pots for several years now and I have you to thank for. The deep dimple allows great aeration throughout the root system. The clear plastic gives me an easy access to the roots and the medium.  I do believe that my plants have grown more vigorously and with less root damage and decay since I started using Rand's Aircone Pots. What can I say except that I am hooked on them." A. Chepjian ~ Orchid Grower

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